Play a quick game of Block Board! You won't regret it!
A small, colorful puzzle game with lots of options for customization!
Break the blocks that are next to each other for points, the more you break, the more points you get!

Local & online leaderboards & achievements included from version 1.1!

- Totally free! No ads, no IAP, you get what you see
- Two modes: endless and worry-free & a challenging game against the clock
- Lots of colorful shape & color themes to freshen up your experience
- Block breaking fun!
- Local & online leaderboards
- Achievements (more to come!)

- Device ID & Call Information: This is a standard Unity 5 game engine permission, it will not collect any personal data, only statistics about your hardware (CPU, GPU, etc.).
- Network Access: This is to enable the share functions and Google Play Games functionality, no personal data is gathered and/or sent.

Platforms: Android